150 Knitted Trims by Lesley Stanfield

150 Knitted Trims

150 Knitted Trims
by Lesley Stanfield

As the title states this is all about trims. The trims are broken down into seven categories – easy, braids, frills and flounces, loops and fringes, insertions and additions.

The book is set up so showcasing the trims in what looks like “real size” meaning each is at least an inch wide by 7″ wide. The directions are given in the back in the technical data section. The formating for all is very clean and easy to follow.

I am not a big fan of trims but they do serve a purpose and the little section of whimsical additions in this book is very cute. This book is well set up and can serve as a great reference on the subject if you are in the mood for trims.

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