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7 Ways you Can Feel Comfortable in a Knitting Group Meeting

Learning how to knit? Bitten by the knitting bug? Now, it’s time to meet more people who are hooked on knitting! Fix mistakes in your knitting also. Get the most out of your knitting group meeting. I’ll tell you what to expect from a knitting group meeting, show you 7 ways you can feel comfortable among experienced knitters. Then, visit this list of knitting groups in Los Angeles, CA or US, to attend a meeting near you. Have fun making new friends to share knitting ideas and projects.

Here are 7 ways you can feel comfortable in a knitting group meeting :

1) Talk with other knitters, don’t stay quiet.

Don’t just show up and knit your projects! You can do that at home, right? The first time I went to a knitting group, I thought people just sat together and knit in silence. Was I wrong! It’s more like a group of friends getting together to chat, and they happen to be knitting.

You’ll be surprised how the other members in the group want to get to know you. It’s their way of making you feel welcome. You’ll be doing the same when members come for the first time to your knitting group meeting. Be prepared to answer questions like, “how long have you been knitting,” “where do you buy your yarn,” “where do you live,” and “big plans for the weekend?”

2) Ask them what they think of LYSs (Local Yarn Shops).

If you’re a new knitter, get a list of LYSs near you to see and touch the new yarn brands, buy yarn or just go to their day-long sales. Bring the list of your LYSs and ask them what they think of a certain LYS. Members in the group are glad to tell you about their shopping experience at an LYS. You’ll hear comments like “the staff was standoffish, the staff is so friendly, too pricy for me, basically same yarn at my LYSs, not worth the trip.”

This info is useful when you’re driving to the LYS to buy yarn. If you’ve been to an LYS before, please share with them how you were treated, what you bought, or just what you liked about the LYS. For example, the first time I went to a knitting group, 2 of the members worked in an LYS!

3) Help a new knitter with their project.

People go to a knitting group to knit, but also to learn from experienced knitters. For example, be kind enough to put your project down for a second, and help another new knitter with their project, like fixing “holes” or extra stitches on a needle.

I remember that my first time at a knitting group meeting, I only knew how to cast on and knit in garter stitch. I had finished my scarf but didn’t know how to cast off. I asked a member if she could show me how to cast off my scarf, and she kindly put down the hat and the 4-needles, to show me to cast off! Wow, talk about being nice!

4) Bring a simple knitting project to knit.

You’re at the meeting to meet knitters, share tips, and knit. If you bring long, complicated patterns that require you to count stitches every row and focus too much, then stay at home to do it. The idea is to join the conversation, and be friendly. I recommend bringing a knitting project like a dishcloth, sock, scarf, or shawl that has 1 or 2 patterns or in garter stitch. For instance, a member in one of the meetings said, “I brought something mindless to knit.” It was a long scarf in garter stitch.

5) Bring your list of written knitting patterns.

A member or you might get an idea for knitting project at the meeting. If you’re a regular member, a member might even give you yarn as a gift and you would want to knit that moment. Sometimes, you might not be sure of a basic pattern, like a chevron, feather and fan, or horseshoe. You’ll be glad someone or you has a list of basic patterns written down in the knitting bag.

6) Bring some of your WIPs (works in projects).

Every knitter struggles to finish a project because there’s always a new more exciting project to start. Encourage them to finish their WIPs. Don’t forget to tell them what’s on your needles! Not just to show off, but to get their opinions and tips. For example, one of your WIPS is a lacy scarf in mohair yarn. They will gladly tell you what they think of the yarn you’re using, compliment you on the idea, and ask you about it days later until you finish it.

7) Meet at upcoming knitting events.

If you’re a new knitter, you don’t need to be shy at a LYS event. Why go by yourself to a knitting store sale, event or knitting show? Have fun by going with friends. Planning to go to a knitting event? Ask the members if they’re going and meet them there!

After attending a knitting group meeting, you’ll want to go to the next one. I hope these 7 ways will help you feel comfortable in a knitting group meeting. Remember to get to know the members in your group, make a simple knitting project, and meet them at a knitting event. Knitting doesn’t have be a lonely, sometimes frustrating experience.

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