Babies & Toddlers - a Knitter's Dozen by XRX

Babies & Toddlers – a Knitter’s Dozen

Babies & Toddlers – a Knitter’s Dozen
by XRX

I like this book quite a bit which is not a surprise since it’s very similar to the previous ones in the same series I have reviewed (kids, hats, ponchos & wraps, scarves and bags). It’s just a well put together little book with clear patterns, great pictures and a good range of projects. The 24 projects in this book include cardigans, fun blankets, pullovers, socks, toys and some other miscellaneous projects. I know they were all previously published in Knitter’s so if you are a subscriber this book might not interest you.

Babies_toddlers_1A few of the projects that stood out to me were this mitered square blanket. I have decided to make it as a baby gift for Jon’s niece to be. I am going to do it in Tampa Bay Buccanears colors of white, red, and black with just a wee bit of orange. I have already picked up a yard of cotton team fabric for the backing which is how I chose the colors. Jon’s brother is a big fan so I know he will get a kick out of it.

Babies_toddlers_4Another stunner was a pram set with an unusual construction. It’s an octagon shape that you “fold” to ge the garment. I like to try different techniqies so it goes into the queue too. Plus it looks so adorable.

So if you are looking for some interesting projects for babies and toddlers, I would say take a look at this book. I know it’s going on my wish list.

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