Baseball, Barbecue, and Boucle

Baseball, Barbecue, and Boucle

My backyard deck has been officially declared ready for warm weather. I have the Adirondack chairs, the citronella candle, and a sweating glass of pink lemonade. But something is not right; it’s just too quiet. Where are my knitting needles?

The click-click of knitting needles may not conjure up summertime thoughts, but knitting can be the perfect warm-weather hobby. I find few activities more relaxing than purling “alfresco.”

Once the grill cools down and the dishes are done, I grab my knitting bag and head outside. The humidity is dropping and the neighborhood children are quieting down. It’s the perfect time to return to my silk cardigan.

Warm weather also heralds children’s softball games and inter-office baseball leagues. With the increased popularity of knitting, our local baseball diamond has become an unofficial knitting club. Along with mesh bags full of bats and gloves, I’ve spotted colorful baskets overflowing with yarn.

One mom commented, “A group of us softball moms have started a summer scarf knit-a-long. It’s great; we trade knitting tips and chat while we watch the game.” At an accountants versus dentists baseball contest I observed two sisters knitting socks. “These are a gift for our Mom,” one sister explained. “We’ll see if she can guess who made which foot.”

You would think that sand and yarn do not mix, but apparently they do. During a stroll along Chicago’s Oak Street Beach I observed one knitter working on a beautiful blue afghan.

The pattern was a wavy lace with long fringe planned for the edges. “Lake Michigan was my inspiration for this project and I sure enjoy the view here,” she laughed. “But a little sand is to be expected. It will go right in the washer when I am done.”

While some consider knitting a cold weather hobby, I enjoy it year round. Fresh air is good for the soul, as it knitting. And here in Chicagoland, it will be mighty difficult come January to enjoy both at the same time.

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