Bittersweet Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

Bittersweet Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

An easy lace cowl with subtle striping.

materials (these amounts are approximate)

worsted or aran weight. (Shown using KnitPicks Comfy Sport double stranded with Elann Bamboo Classic for Main, and Diamond Luxury Merino Aran with Elann Bamboo Classic for Contrast.)

Main Colour: 120 gms

Contrast Colour: 80 gms

gauge: 16sts = 1 inch on 5.0mm

supplies: 5.0mm circ needles, tapestry needle

finished size: approx 42 inches around (meant to be worn in a double loop). To make a small cowl 21 inches around, cast on half the number of sts.


With MC, cast on 160. Join in round. (You can place a marker for the beg of row, just be careful about its position as you work rows 11-20 of the lace pattern). Knit 1 row. Now work the Lace Pattern chart 2 1/2 times as follows: *Work Rows 1-10 of lace pattern in MC, then Rows 11-20 in CC. Switch back to MC and repeat from * 1 time. Then switch to MC and work rows 1-10. Bind off purlwise or using sewn bind off.

lace pattern


Lace Knitting Pattern


O = yarn over
little x leaning to the right = knit 2 together
little x leaning to the left = slip 2 stitches kwise, put left needle through front of those 2, knit together

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Megan is a web designer-visual artist-knitter whose frequent yarn-fondling disconcerts her friends and loved ones. Megan has been knitting for over thirty years and likes to share. Her website, Tricksy Knitter, can be found at

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