Classic Knits by Erika Knight

Classic Knits

Classic Knits
by Erika Knight

The cover of this book really lured me in. A classic sweater that is unfussy and beautiful – that’s my kind of project!! True it would be a boring knit but I hoped to find a wonderful book focusing on classics with little details to make them special enough to knit.

Then I opened the book and my bubble burst. The set up is different. The book starts with 30 pages of color pictures of the projects. Two for each. Pictures are beautiful but in some cases extremely useless in really showcasing the project. The pictures are blurred or projects are shown in pieces or even folded. There are very few which I feel give a good clear picture (which I show in this review). You know what that means according to EZ – there are problems with the garments that required creative pictures!

I’m not sure if that is truly the case since I don’t plan on making these especially considering the definite problem with the project instructions. There are no schematics! I hate that. Such a simple thing and so useful in judging the shape and seeing if it will suit you. She does give a large range of sizes but since you can’t really get a good idea of the projects, I am not so sure that matters.

Even though the projects are nice they seem too almost too basic. I know that seems a bit oxymoronic considering my previous statement but I like classics looking garments that still have enough details to make them an interesting knit. These seem like I could have picked them up at the Gap (and in some cases I am sure I have!). So I would say skip this book unless you have the urge to actually knit a boring stockinette sweater instead of picking one up on sale!

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