Easy Knitted Socks by Jeanette Trotman

Easy Knitted Socks

Easy Knitted Socks
by Jeanette Trotman

Socks are hot in the knitting world. I know people have always been knitting them but I think I can safely say with the advent of sock clubs, the surge in beautiful hand-painted yarn, and stores that sell only sock yarn, they are “cool” and “in.” And what’s not to love, they are useful, eminently portable, and have enough “wow” factor (heel turning is magic!) for even the most experienced knitters.

So books dedicated to socks are definitely timely. This one has 20 projects but some aren’t really what I would define as socks. They are really feet coverings.

The first chapter is intended as a reference for both beginners to knitting and those to just socks. It has a bit too much “Let me Teach You How to Knit” but again it was geared toward socks so it’s forgivable. It even had something I had never seen in the grafting section…”grafting with a chimney” which looked like a great technique on projects with tiny loops.

I also liked that they gave instructions for circular knitting with DPNs and magic loop but sadly not 2-circs. The discussion on sock construction was a bit too brief, but it explained the terminology and talked a bit about size adjustment.

The patterns start with booties created in pieces and then seamed into a sock. There are a few more like this – sized for toddlers, felted, for adults.

Easysocks_4Then it’s on to socks with more traditional construction – ankle down tube with heel flap and spiral tubes (no heel). There are also some weird seamed socks, basically knit flat with a heel and then seamed in different places (top or back). There are also some fair-isle, cabled, and leg warmers.

Topics not covered, how to measure the foot something that’s obvious as you see the socks on the models. Almost all of them are way too large and look awkward and weird. There is also no explanation for different toe shapes.

So it’s a good introduction for beginners, especially those who are leery of jumping right into traditional socks but it definitely not worthy of anyone who has a few pairs under their belt.

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