Q. What is the Daily Knitter?
A. The Daily Knitter is an on-line resource for knitters. Our editors recognized a need for such a website.

Q. Are the patterns on the website really free?
A. There are two types of patterns on our website, Exclusive Patterns and Free Pattern Links . The Exclusive Patterns are hosted on the Daily Knitter site and are copyrighted. These patterns are free for personal, non-commercial use. You may print out a single copy for yourself. You cannot sell the pattern or items made from the pattern. Any other use of the pattern must be negotiated with the Daily Knitter. The Free Pattern Links are just that, links to free patterns on other websites. A new window will open up when the pattern links are clicked. Please refer to the respective website for their guidelines regarding the pattern’s use.

Q. Can I put a link to The Daily Knitter on my website?
A. Yes, we appreciate all referrals to our site and provide a small banner for this purpose. Simply place the two lines of code below into the html of your website.

Q. How do you decide what books and products to write reviews on?
A. The books and products reviewed have been personally used by a member of the Daily Knitter staff. We also accept items given to us by manufacturers and retailers, but only publish reviews of items we feel would benefit our readers. To submit your book or product to us, please email editor@DailyKnitter.com for instructions.

Q. I have a suggestion for the website.
A. We welcome all comments and suggestions. Please email editor@DailyKnitter.com

Q. I found a link on the website that doesn’t work.
A. We appreciate all emails pointing out problems on the site. Please email editor@DailyKnitter.com

Q. I noticed my favorite yarn shop or knitting club is not listed in the directory.
A. Please email editor@DailyKnitter.com with the store name, address, and phone number or club meeting information and website. We would be happy to add it.

Q. How often are new patterns and content added to the site?
A. We are constantly updating the website with new patterns, pattern links, articles, and more. Check the site often, visit the What’s New page, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates via email.

Q. I am interested in advertising on the Daily Knitter.
A. We offer many advertising options. Please email advertising@DailyKnitter.com We will promptly email you back information.