How to Knit a Heart Back Home: A Cypress Hollow Yarn

How to Knit a Heart Back Home: A Cypress Hollow Yarn

How to Knit a Heart Back Home: A Cypress Hollow Yarn
by Rachael Herron

Second novels are tricky prone to the  Sophomore Slump that leaves so many bestselling-first-novel authors stuck with complaints from disappointed readers who didn’t find the same magic in their second effort.

Well, that’s not the case here!

When I reviewed Rachael Herron’s first book, I told you that the romance genre wasn’t really my thing, that I thought it was fairly predictable (a genre necessity, I think), but that I enjoyed it anyway.

This book, How to Knit a Heart Back Home? It’s stronger than the first, more accomplished, more confident.

The story begins with a car crash. Lucy, a volunteer on the fire squad when she’s not running her bookstore, rushes outside to help and finds herself working in tandem with a man in a leather jacket who seems vaguely familiar.

It turns out that he IS familiar. She tutored Owen in high school and they shared one, powerful kiss the night before he disappeared from town, never planning to come back. Years later, both of them still remember that kiss, but are trying to get on with their lives. Lucy is running the bookstore she inherited from her grandmother, and trying not to fall for Owen again. Everyone around her is warning her that he was a bad boy in high school, and no better now.

Owen, on the other hand, is back in town to care for his mother, sick with Alzheimer’s. Forcibly retired from the police department, he’s recovering from a bullet wound received in the line of duty and anxious to get things done so he can leave again. Except he keeps being drawn to Lucy.

I don’t want to give away too much. There are a couple of nice cameos from Abigail and Cade, the couple from Rachael’s first book, and Cypress Hollow’s famous knitter continues to reach from beyond the grave to influence the younger generation. (And, my, it seems that everyone in this entire town knits!)

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