Own Knitting Needles

How To Make Your Own Knitting Needles

Hey Knitters,

Here something interesting and creative to do when you are not knitting. Try making your own knitting needles. We know knitting needles can become expensive and finding the right size can sometimes be impossible.

At certain times you might not have the money to purchase new needles. Instead of using plastic needles you might want to use wooded or bamboo knitting needles and making them would be great.

The materials are very simple to collect. The most important item you will to buy need is dowels or bamboo skewers. You can purchase them from your local grocery store. However, if you cannot find them at the grocery store try shopping at a hardware store in your community. Below is a list of other items you will need to complete making your own knitting needles.



Pencil sharpener


Beeswax or furnisher polish

Beads or bobbles

Craft saw or X-Acto knife


Here are some instructional and video websites you may want to view to get a better understanding on the subject of “Making your own knitting needles”.

The Wonder of Childhood




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