iPod Cosy Knitting Pattern

iPod Cosy Knitting Pattern


Keep your iPod, iPhone, camera safe with this tightly knit, thick cover.


  • chunky wool for cosy – I used Sirdar Peru Naturals
  • scraps of double knit wool in a complementary colour for clasp
  • Needle size UK 3.75mm / US 5mm
  • 2 dpns needle size UK 2.75mm / US 2.75 or similar
  • button


Cosy fits an iPod Touch – dimensions are 11.5 cms x 7 cms.

Gauge : 7 sts x 10 rows = 3 cms. Adjust measurements if required.


Cosy(3.75mm needles)

Cast on 16 sts, leaving a long yarn tail for sewing up.
Starting with a p row, continue with reverse stocking st, until work measures 24 cms , ending with a k row.
NEXT 4 ROWS : stocking st, starting with a k row and ending with a p row.
NEXT ROW : sl1, k1, psso, k to last 2 sts, k(2tog) (14 sts).
Rpt last two rows until 6 sts remain, ending with the p row.
Cast off.

Clasp (2.75mm dpns)

The clasp is a length of i cord.
Cast on 3 sts. leaving long yarn tail to sew up.
Knit until icord measures 18 cms.

To Assemble

1. Fold knitted cosy piece so that the cast on edge just touches the first row of the flap.
2. Mattress stitch the two side seams.
3. Partly coil the icord to form a decorative clasp, leaving 8 cms uncoiled.
4. Using the yarn tail sew coil together on reverse side.

About the designer:

Allison’s passions in life are knitting and patchwork….not forgetting my much loved laptop. She has been knitting from the age of 8. Visit her blog at http://crazydaisy60.blogspot.com

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