Just Wraps by Lion Brand Yarn

Just Wraps

Just Wraps
by Lion Brand Yarn

Ah…you gotta love yarn companies putting out their own books. It’s a marketing wet dream! And this one hits two crafting groups or the supercrafty as it has knitting and crochet patterns.

This book is all about “wraps” which to me is basically a catch all category for anything that covers ones shoulders – shawls, shrugs, ponchos and boas are just a few of the types of projects this book has. There are no learn to knit instructions but there is some limited discussions on the basics of yarns, gauge, sizing and finishing.

It goes without saying that each of the 30 patterns uses Lion Brand yarn. The patterns are broken down into 7 sections – “Easy Does It”, “Ripple Wraps”, “Cable-Knit Wraps”, “Patterned Wraps”, “Dressy Wraps”, “Wraps Plus” and “All Wrapped Up”. Patterns are written for the super beginner with lots of detailed written out instructions. Abbreviations are not used anywhere, which can make for a long set of directions.

The patterns run the gamut with fugly mixed in with classic.

And although there are a few patterns that appeal to me I am still meh about the whole book. It’s just a showcase for Lion Brand yarns and feels that way. I don’t think the patterns are any better than those they offer for free on their website.

And nothing truly jumps out at me as something I have to make. Part of that reason may be the type of projects themselves. I think the “wrap” fad has come and truly gone. And I for one, am happy to see it go. Shapeless and ugly seem to be the norm for this garment and I am done with that!

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