Knit. Sock. Love.

Knit. Sock. Love.

Knit. Sock. Love.
by Cookie A.

Cookie A. (the “A” is for us folks who can’t pronounce “Apichairuk” is a beloved sock designer who has many notable designs on Knitty dott com, an ezine offering free knitting patterns. Her “Monkey” sock and her “Potamus” both took the knitting world by storm. Now she has given us a book, the title cleverly playing on “Eat, Pray, Love” and I’ll bet this book will prove just as popular with knitters as that bestseller.

So, learn more about the “Monkey” sock and the famous mannekin leg that displays her designs, as well as drool over beautifully photographed models of 18 other socks. 12 of these have been published before, 7 of these are newly published.

The socks are organized by design feature (columnar, tesselated, diagonals, and so you get a peek into the mind of the designer. Cookie likes textural socks with architectural features. You get schematics of the sock leg, foot and instep and heel. So if you like textural knitting (I certainly do) then you will be delighted to learn how this designer goes about creating her socks and it will give you insight into doing, perhaps, designs of your own.

If you are looking primarily for 2 color work or simple socks, that’s not what “Knit.Sock.Love is about. Also, some avid collectors of sock patterns are going to be miffed by the fact that there are only seven new designs in this book and you could conceivably grab the others here and there on the internet or magazines. Nor are there toe-up methods here, though you can probably adapt any of these socks to starting at the foot rather than at the leg cuff.

The photography merits a mention: Laura Kicey does a fabulous job staging and photographing the models. The women who model the socks get a bio in the back of the book, which is a nice touch as they have fascinating faces and it turns out, each of them has an interesting story, too. The author credits the test knitters, a very gracious gesture, and there is a lot of info on resources for the sock knitter.

This is a very beautiful knitting book and even if you have a notebook full of Knitty printouts and other publications that include the dozen previously-published socks, you’ll enjoy this book on your shelf. I’m planning to knit quite a few of these socks and I appreciate the large charts and pretty photos.

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