KnitKnit:Profiles & Projects from Knitting's New Wave by Sabrina Gaschwandter

KnitKnit:Profiles & Projects from Knitting’s New Wave

KnitKnit:Profiles & Projects from Knitting’s New Wave
by Sabrina Gaschwandter

Wow! I am constantly amazed by the creativity of people. I envy those who are truly artistic – their creativity, unique ideas, and amazing creations. Even though I knit and create, I don’t really consider myself an artist. I enjoy the process and engineering of knitting and don’t feel the urge to create unique pieces.

This book focuses on artists who use knitting and the creation of projects as their creative outlets. Artists from all over the world and different facets of the industry – designers, dyers, spinners – who use the same medium to translate their visions in so many different ways. Each profile is a few pages with colorful pictures of the artists, usually in their studios. You will recognize some of the names as the hand-knitting elite and some are artists that I have never heard of. It’s fascinating to read about their lives, experiences, and inspirations as well as to to get a feel for their aesthetic.

Each artist also contributes a knitting pattern. Patterns that are as varied in composition, color and type as the artists themselves. Some are functional and some are art. Some are useful and some are just beautiful.

I particularly like this hat and sweater, both of which have been added to my Ravelry queue.

This is definitely a book I recommend. It’s just so inspirational as well as eye opening and you will see knitting in a different light after perusing this book.

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