Knitprovisation by Cilla Ramnek


by Cilla Ramnek

Another book intended to inspire and encourage out of the box melding of crafts. This book, originally published in Sweden in 2004, is definitely different.

The author candidly states that before this book she had never finished a single piece of knitting in her life. She’s driven by the color and patterns. And boy is she. Her sense of fashion is a bit unique.

The projects aren’t really that in the traditionally sense. It’s more how she made the garment with some simple explanation on how you could recreate it. She takes pieces of knitting, buttons, zippers, fabric and any other embellishments she likes and hodge podges them into some truly different garments.

She also refashions traditionally clothing using knitting and crocheting. Or just looks at things differently like this Fair Isle vest cut open, edged and worn wrong side out. It’s simple and funky and I would never have thought of it.

This book is definitely pretty to look at and helped me think a bit differently after I saw her turn a scarf into the back of a garment by cutting it in half but it’s not really something you can use to recreate the pieces easily.

Not that I would. The clashing of patterns and colors gives me a headache but I know there are people this will appeal too!

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