Knitted Gardens by Jan Messent

Knitted Gardens

Knitted Gardens
by Jan Messent

This book is pure whimsy. I have never really been one to create art with my knitting, much preferring functional projects but I have to admit i do admire it.

This book is all about creating knitted three dimensional gardens – complete with cottages, trees, bushes, flowers, fruits and vegetables and little people. It’s quite an interesting concept.

To make all the 3D elements, you do need to use a few other things like foam block, heavy card stock and miscellaneous tools. Directions are detailed with plenty of schematics to show you how to construct everything. Along with suggestions on how to customize everything.

The coolest thing about doing this type of project is that it’s all about utilizing lots of different yarns and in small quantities. Bushes and grasses change with the different colors and types of fiber. And since you can make up small plots and join them together, this could be a project you do in stages to use odd balls and remnants from your stash!

Inspiration can come from your own garden, walks through the park or anywhere else in nature. The only limit to the beauty of your garden is your imagination! So if this is something that appeals to you, pick this book up and begin knitting the garden of your dreams!

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