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Knitting Needles Kit: An Essential Tool For Beginners

If you are new to knitting, you might wonder what kind of knitting needle kit you need to start your first project.

A knitting needles kit is a set of tools and materials used for knitting. Knitting is a craft that involves creating fabric by looping yarn with needles.

A knitting kit usually includes one or more pairs of knitting needles, yarn, and a pattern or instructions for a project.

This article will explain the basics of knitting needles and how to choose the best kit for your needs.

Types of Knitting Needles

Three main types of knitting needles are straight, circular, and double-pointed.

Straight Needles

They are the most common and traditional type of knitting needles.

They have a pointy tip at one end and a stopper at the other to prevent the stitches from falling off. They are usually used for flat knitting, such as scarves, blankets, or sweaters.

Straight needles come in different lengths, from 9 to 14 inches, depending on the width of your project.

Circular Needles

They consist of two pointed tips connected by a flexible cable and are commonly used for circular knitting projects like hats, socks, and mittens.

They can also be used for flat knitting by working back and forth on the cable.

Circular needles come in different lengths, from 16 to 60 inches, depending on the circumference of your project.

Double-pointed Needles (DPNs)

They are short needles with pointy tips at both ends. They are used to knit small circular items like socks, gloves, or sleeves.

They are usually sold in four or five sets, and you need to distribute your stitches evenly among them.

Depending on your preference, DPNs come in different lengths, from 4 to 8 inches.

Sizes Of Knitting Needles

Knitting needles are measured by their diameter, which determines the size of the stitches and the gauge of your knitting.

The size of the knitting needles is usually indicated by a number or a letter, depending on the system used.

The most common systems are the US, the UK, and the metric system. For example, a US size 8 needle is equivalent to a UK size 6 or a metric size 5 mm. You can find conversion charts online or on the packaging of your knitting needles.

The knitting needles’ size depends on the weight, thickness of yarn, and pattern used. Generally, the thicker the yarn, the larger the needles you need.

However, you should always check the gauge of your knitting by making a small swatch before starting your project.

The gauge indicates the number of stitches and rows per inch achieved by a particular yarn and needle combination.

It is essential to match the gauge of your pattern to ensure that your project comes out with the right size and shape.

Materials Of Knitting Needles

Knitting needles can be made from wood, metal, plastic, or bamboo. Each material has pros and cons, and the choice depends on your preference and budget.

Wood Needles

Wood Needles are warm, smooth, and comfortable to hold. They are suitable for beginners, as they grip the yarn nicely and prevent it from slipping.

They are also suitable for delicate or fuzzy yarns, as they do not split or snag them.

However, they can be more expensive, heavier, and less durable than other materials. They can also warp or break over time, especially if exposed to moisture or heat.

Metal Needles

Metal needles are favored by experienced knitters because they are cold, slick, and fast, making it easier for stitches to slide quickly and smoothly.

They’re also great for working with smooth or slippery yarns because they don’t catch or drag them.

However, they tend to be noisier, slippier, and harder on the hands than other materials.

Over time, they can bend or rust, particularly if they’re exposed to moisture or heat.

Plastic Needles

Plastic needles are a great option for children, as they are lightweight, inexpensive, and come in a wide range of colors.

They are easy to handle and make knitting fun for kids. Additionally, they are suitable for bulky or chunky yarns, as they do not add extra weight.

However, it’s worth noting that plastic needles are not as durable as other materials, and over time, they can become brittle, sticky, and low-quality.

They may also break or crack, particularly when exposed to moisture or heat.

Bamboo Needles

Bamboo needles are a warm, smooth, and eco-friendly option for knitters. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, bamboo needles combine the benefits of wood and metal needles.

They work well with any type of yarn, as they won’t split, snag, or slip.

However, it’s worth noting that bamboo needles can be more expensive than other materials, and they’re also prone to splintering and dulling over time.

Additionally, they can warp or break if exposed to moisture or heat.

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Knitting Needles Kit

A knitting needles kit is a set of knitting needles of different types, sizes, and materials that you can use for various projects.

This kit can be a great way to start your knitting journey, giving you the flexibility and versatility to try different kinds of knitting.

knitting needles kit
Knitting needle kits are a great way to start knitting.

A knitting needles kit can also be an excellent gift for a knitter, as it adds to their collection and expands their possibilities.

Various needle kits are available in the market, and you can choose one based on your needs and preferences.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a knitting needle kit are:

  • The type of knitting needles you want to use. Do you prefer straight, circular, or double-pointed needles? Or do you want a mix of all three?
  • The size of knitting needles you need. Do you want to knit with different weights and thicknesses of yarn? Or do you have a specific gauge and pattern in mind?
  • The material of knitting needles you like. Do you like wood, metal, plastic, or bamboo needles? Or do you want to try different materials and see how they feel?
  • The quality and durability of knitting needles you expect. Do you want high-quality, long-lasting, and reliable needles? Or are you okay with low-cost, disposable, and breakable needles?
  • The budget and value of knitting needles you can afford. Do you want to invest in a premium, expensive, and comprehensive kit? Or do you want to save money and buy a basic, cheap, and limited kit?

To help you decide, here are some examples of knitting needle kits that you can find online or in stores:

Mdoker 95pcs Knitting Needles Kit&Crochet Hooks Set

This kit includes 36 straight bamboo knitting needles, 12 small-size lace hooks, 5 ergonomic crochet needles, and various knitting supplies and accessories.

For beginners who want to learn knitting and crochet, this is a great option. It comes with various tools and materials to help you get started.

Mdoker 95pcs Knitting Needles Kit&Crochet Hooks Set
You can get a knitting needle kit from Amazon.

Those who prefer bamboo needles will appreciate their smoothness, warmth, and eco-friendliness.

However, it does not include circular or double-pointed needles, so it is not suitable for knitting in the round. It is also not very durable, as the bamboo needles can splinter or break over time.

CraftLab Knitting Kit for Beginners, Kids and Adults

This kit includes 3 pairs of straight metal knitting needles, 4 balls of wool yarn, a yarn needle, and instructions for 15 easy projects.

For beginners, kids, and adults who want to start knitting right away, this kit includes everything needed to create simple and fun items.

It is also a good option for those who like metal needles, as they are fast, slick, and lightweight.

craftlab kit
You can buy this kit from Craftlab.

However, it does not include circular or double-pointed needles, so it is not suitable for knitting in the round.

It is also not very versatile, as it only offers one size and material of needles and a limited amount and color of yarn.

Ruidi 13 Pairs of Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Set

This kit includes 13 interchangeable metal needle tips, 4 flexible cables, 4 cable connectors, 4 cable caps, and a storage case.

Experienced knitters who prefer knitting in the round may find it suitable as it offers an array of sizes and lengths of circular needles.

Additionally, it’s an excellent choice for individuals who prefer metal needles as they are fast, slick, and long-lasting.

However, it does not include straight or double-pointed needles, which is unsuitable for flat knitting or small circular items.

It is also uncomfortable, as the metal needles can be cold, complex, and noisy on the hands.


Those who are interested in knitting can get knitting needle kits from any online store like Amazon, Flipkart and more and physical stores.

You can also create your own knitting needles kit by buying individual needles and storing them in a case or a bag.

Furthermore, the most important thing is finding the knitting needles kit that works best for you and your goals.

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