Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets by Threads Editors

Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets

Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets
by Threads Editors

This is an odd book. It’s not your normal reference book with treatises and instructions on different knitting topics. Instead it is a collection of advice on various subjects from real knitters (and crocheters), both professionals and hobbyists. The topics are “Yarn”, “Hand-Knitting Techniques”, “Multicolor Knitting”, “Garment-Making Tips”, “Managing Your Knitting”, “Machine Knitting”, “Crochet Tips” and “Finishing and Caring for Your Project”. The layout is very utilitarian – black and white illustrations, blocks of text and just two colors of ink.

The book actually contains a lot of instructions and great tips but to me it’s still kind of useless. It’s a hodge podge of information with a little bit about a lot of things most of which I can find in a good reference book (of which I have a few). So I recommend getting a good overall book on knitting and skipping this.

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