Mastering Color Knitting

Mastering Color Knitting

Mastering Color Knitting
by Melissa Leapman

This is like the other half of her “Color Knitting the Easy Way.” That book focused on things like stripes and slipped-stitches to add color to your knitting. This one is all about stranded, intarsia, and double-knitting.

Just as I’d expect from Melissa Leapman, she does this with a variety of brand new stitch patterns to play with and new projects to knit. And, of course, clear explanations and great illustrations.

Three primary techniques are used here. Stranded (often referred to as Fair Isle), Intarsia (color blocks), and Double-Knitting (reversible fabrics). Each chapter starts with thorough instructions about what the technique is, and how to do it. Next are stitches to play with and inspire you, and they are followed by patterns to make. All the usual suspects are included-hats, sweaters, afghans.

There are other books that have similar goals and similar structures, but this one does it very well. I like the way Leapman describes things, I like her eye for color, and her balance between being new and creative while sticking to tradition. Her books are always a treat, and her explanations are always helpful.

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