Nature's Wrapture: Contemporary Knitted Shawls

Nature’s Wrapture: Contemporary Knitted Shawls

Nature’s Wrapture: Contemporary Knitted Shawls
by Sheryl Thies

If you’re looking for something new, this book might spark some creativity in your shawl knitting. The traditional lace and Shetlands are not here. This book has more unusual shapes, and a lot of interesting closures including a shell donut for drawing through a pebbly bamboo and bison neck wrap, button-down Aran wrap and metallic closures on a beautiful fringed wrap.

The yarns are unique as well–featuring a lot of bamboo blends. That’s the “nature” part of the title. The stitches range from dense texture to light airy all-over openwork. Several of these, including the beautiful Aran wide loose cable with buttons and the “Sandy Beach” neck wrap had me itching to cast on immediately and thinking of ways to adapt the pattern to other ideas.

The shapes tend to be simple; rectangles, a triangular shawl that is a bit like a Faeroese shawl with a vertical lace section down the middle (but it’s smaller and less complicated in shape.)

Not your traditional lace shawl, that’s for sure. Elegant and easy shapes, with nicely textured open stitches. Beautiful!

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