One Ball Knits Gifts by Fatema, Khadija, and Hajera Habibur-Rahman

One Ball Knits Gifts

One Ball Knits Gifts
by Fatema, Khadija, and Hajera Habibur-Rahman

Like their One Ball Knits book for Purses, this book is filled with an assortment of quick, easy patterns you can make with one ball of yarn this time, though, the theme is gifts.

As they say in the introduction, Our family believes that a handmade gift, because of the time and effort spent to create it, is more precious than a purchased one and that such a gift provides a lasting impression of love and friendship. Whatever the occasion, a handmade gift can bring forth a smile, a tear of gratitude, or a warm embrace from the recipient.

What kind of gifts? Here’s the list: Coasters, table runner, hot-water bottle cozy, lace bowl, backpack, pillow, knitting basket, bomber hat, tea cozy, slippers, needle case, placemat/napkin ring, scarf, vase cover, driving gloves, baby hoodie, blocks and ball, afghan, knee-high socks, laptop case.

Yes, it IS a nice variety of patterns, isn’t it? They’re nicely thought out, too. Each one may only use one skein of yarn, but there are extra details that add a nice touch. A fabric lining to the slippers. Embroidery on the tea cozy. Foam lining for the laptop case. Appliqued letters on the baby blocks.

Little details that show they were paying attention, and not just throwing together a bunch of patterns and hoping they would work. The collection is nicely varied because there really is something in here for almost everyone on your gift list.

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