Simple Knits with a Twist by Erika Knight

Simple Knits with a Twist

Simple Knits with a Twist
by Erika Knight

This is more a coffee table book than a down and dirty knitting book. It does have a few pages of basic knitting instructions but no explanations on yarns or gauge or anything like that.

It’s one of those beautifully photographed odd-sized book that just screams luxury. It’s purpose seems to be to advocate innovation and thinking out of the box.

You have the first inkling that this book will be different when she says that texture can be your design inspiration and anything can be knit with – “it is just a matter of looking at an unconventional material in a different way.” She mixes in fabric , recycles items and repurposes others for truly textile projects.

The 20 projects are a definite a hodge podge in style and looks. We have pillows, poodle bottle covers, rugs, wall hangings, dog coats, a sweater, wire napkin rings, slippers, purses and a aran armchair cover. My favorite project is the recycled plastic carryall.

To me there is no unifying theme and no real cohesiveness. It’s a pretty book to look at but none of the projects really add anything to the traditional knitter’s repertoire. If you lean more to the artistic and interesting it might give you a few ideas though.

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