The Elegant Knitter by Gina Macris

The Elegant Knitter

The Elegant Knitter
by Gina Macris

In The Elegant Knitter, Gina Macris has designed a collection of quick projects. “But no matter where you go with your knitting, rest assured that the finish line will never be very far from the starting point. Sometimes life calls for a quick yarn fix. A little ball of softness calls and we can’t wait an entire sweater’s length of time to see the results. Hence this book.”

Macris has focused on accessories in this book: scarves (Macris’ favorite accessory), hats, mittens, gloves, bags and even two sweaters for your favorite pooch. To each pattern, she adds her special flair – an interesting stitch pattern, a unique detail or a luxurious ribbon – to enhance the elegance of the project.

The first part of the volume includes the technique information required for the project in The Elegant Knitter. In addition to the basics, Macris covers cabling, felting, short row and Fair Isle techniques, as well as colour and yarn theory and selecting appropriate embellishments.

Many of the projects in The Elegant Knitter are suitable for beginning or novice knitters, with a few intermediate projects providing knitters something to which they can aspire. All the projects are small enough to be easily portable and since the yarn requirements are minimal, luxury fibers could be selected for a truly exceptional piece.

The most unusual project is the Shibori Scarf. Knit as a simple rectangle in alpaca, glass pebbles are wrapped into the fabric prior to felting, creating a unique, three-dimensional look.

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