the stitch counter

The Stitch Counter

Hey Knitter

Hey all you knitters out there, it’s time to treat yourselves. Add another helpful tool to your knitting basket called the knitting register. This tool is perfect to use while knitting long scarves, oversized blankets or eyelet-laced shawls.

Simply slide the knitting register onto one of your knitting needles, up to 6.5mm (US 10 ½). The register has a small window display that allows you to see the number of rows counted.

All you to do while using this knitting instrument is to turn the dial or wheel of the register once you finish or complete a row of knitting. Another feature of the knitting register is that you can reset the number back to zero after knitting 99 rows.

In addition to counting your rows, the knitting register can track pattern stitches and decreased or increased rows. For example, decreasing or increasing rows when shaping sleeves or V-neckline sweaters.

For all the benefits, the knitting register basically costs less than a ball or skein of yarn. No more losing count of rows or constantly writing down the number rows to keep count when knitting your favorite garment.

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