Torri Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Torri Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Size: Ladies S – M – L

Foot length: 22 – 24 – 26 cm

Boot Height: 13 – 15 – 17 cm

Materials: Bernat Roving color no 1008 Plum 200 g Bulky weight 5

Double pointed needles size 7.5 mm – or size needed to get 10 sts X 18 rows in garter st with one strand of Bernat Roving = 10 x 10 cm

2 One inch up to one and a half inch buttons.

Shown in display picture is a Ladies medium size bootee and model wears a size 7 shoe.

This bootee is knit from the ankle down to the toes.

Knitting Tip: When turning mid piece, slip first st as if to K, tighten thread and continue as before (to avoid a hole in transition).

For Left Foot Bootee if you have to join thread at any point keep the joint and loose end on the outside as the boot at the end will be turned inside out.

BUTTON HOLE FLAP (This section is knit back and forth on just 2 double pointed needles.)

Cast on 30 – 34 – 36 sts on one size 7.5 mm double pointed needle.

Row 1 & 2: K across all stitches.

Row 3: K across all stitches until the last st. Knit in the front and the back of the last stitch.

Row 4: K next 3 sts then k 2 tog. Then continue knitting across the row.

Row 5: K until last 3 sts then yarn over and knit until end.

Row 6: K across all stitches.

Row 7: K across all stitches until last 2 sts and then knit 2 tog.

Row 8 & 9: K across all stitches.

Row 10: Cast off first 6 stitches. For Right Foot Bootee: Knit all remaining sts, dividing them amongst the 3 double pointed needles as follows 10 sts on first needle and 9 sts on the remaining needles. Place solid joint marker on third needle and purl 1 stitch from the first needle to join work in the round. There is now a total of 24 – 28 – 30 stitches on the 3 double pointed needles. For Left Foot Bootee: Knit the same as right foot bootee only turn inside out after tightening the thread to tie off the toe.

At this point you need to place a removable marker (RM) at center back of foot which will be between the second and third needles.


Next: *Purl across all stitches until joint marker. Knit until 6 sts after (RM), turn, slip first st knit wise then knit 4 sts and then knit in the front and back of last stitch before the (RM). Next knit in the back and then the front of first stitch past the (RM) then knit the next 5 sts. Turn, slip first st knit wise and then knit across all stitches until joint marker. * Repeat from * to * a total of 4 – 5 – 6 times = 32 – 38 – 42 sts. Insert a removable thread marker somewhere along this row to allow you to measure from this row near the other removable marker in center back of heal.

Next: *Purl around until joint marker. Knit across until 6 sts past the (RM), turn, slip first stitch knit wise knit 3 sts then [knit 2 tog before and after the (RM)] then knit 4 more sts, turn and slip first st knit wise and then knit across all stitches until joint marker. * Repeat from * to * a total of 5 – 6 – 7 times = 22 – 26 – 28 sts. Continue working in rounds, alternating between purl & knit without any further decreases until piece measures 18 – 19 – 20 cms from removable thread marker.

Now dec for toes as follows: while continuing to alternate between purl and knit rows dec 2 – 1 – 1 sts evenly on every other row a total of 3 – 4 – 4 times = 16 – 22 – 24 sts remaining. Purl 1 full round to joint marker then knit 2 tog across the row. Cut yarn approximately 30 cms from last stitch knit and pull thread through remaining sts, 2 times around then turn Right Foot Bootee only inside out and pull the needle and thread to the inside of the bootee, tighten tog and fasten then turn back right side out to wear.

Finishing: Sew on buttons approximately a half inch in from both top and side edges. Attach with strong thread or crochet cotton. Using the Bernat Roving Yarn is not recommended as it isn’t strong enough when used in this fashion.

Designed by Lori L. Pelletier

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