Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falic

Weekend Knitting

Weekend Knitting
by Melanie Falick

(Note, my review is for the original hardcover edition.)

How old does a book have to be before it becomes a classic?

Well, let’s hope six years is enough, because this one deserves to be. I’m not the only one to think so, either, since the publisher has recently come out with a paperback version of the book–a relative rarity in knitting books which are usually published in one format, and that’s it.

It’s worth it, though–especially if it makes this book available to knitters who opted not to pay for the hardcover the first time around.

This is a charming book. Dedicated to knitting projects that you can make in a weekend, it’s filled with fast, simple projects … but that doesn’t mean boring, by any means. The Reverse-Bloom Flower Washcloths, for example–why make your washcloths square, when you can make them pretty chenille flowers? Felted slippers are great, but aren’t they even better when they’re Argyle? Or when the toes curl up like an elf’s? Why knit just an ordinary tote bag when you can knit a checker/backgammon board right into the design so that you have something to do when you get wherever you’re going?

And, really, when’s the last time you saw lace-edged pillowcases? Or a lace seat on a chair?

Yep. Charming.

Even MORE charming? The book is interspersed with sidebars and recipes to make your knitting weekend that much more fun. Hot cocoa, anyone? And let’s not forget to be prepared for guests by having knitting that they can do, too.

I love this delightful book. It’s fun just to flip through it and let your imagination get tickled.

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