Yarn Overload

Yarn Overload

We all have a drawer, shelf, or bag filled with leftover yarn. A half skein remaining from the cardigan you knit two years ago, the grapefruit sized ball of angora leftover from a birthday scarf, and so on. It’s time to clean out your yarn stash and put these yarn leftovers to good use.

Consider knitting a scarf for charity. Warmth is all that matters here, so doubling or even tripling the yarn is a good idea. For a listing of charities to donate the completed scarf to, visit the Daily Knitter’s Knitting For Charity page.

Colorful striped hats make thoughtful gifts and are a great use of extra yarn. Using a simple knit-in-the-round hat pattern, start knitting with one leftover yarn and start a new yarn when it runs out. Selecting yarns of similar type and weight is beneficial, but why not experiment and enjoy your one of a kind creation.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Contemplate selling all of your leftover yarn on eBay. An eBay listing can be created in minutes and think of all the new yarn you can buy with the proceeds.

Knit a “memories” patchwork quilt. Even though you begin a sweater with the intention of it being a birthday gift, giving it up can be tough. Knit a square from the leftover yarn and over time assemble an afghan. It’s a great way to use extra yarn and hold on to the memories.

One member of the Daily Knitter staff swears her closet of yarn leftovers could wrap around the earth several times. She had begun forcing herself to make every other project with the leftovers. Her stash has reduced significantly and she recommends the plan to all yarn addicts like herself.

And finally, swear to put yourself on a yarn diet. No more new yarn purchases until everything you already have is used up.

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