Yugioh Knitting Pattern

Yugioh Knitting Pattern



Playing card holders created by Samiha Qureshi. Easily holds two decks of standard playing cards or many sets of Yugioh or other collectible card sets.

Samiha Qureshi has been knitting for about 4 years and was first introduced to knitting by her mother-in-law who has been knittting since she was a very young child. Her latest knitting kick is knitting organizational items on dpns. Her blog can be found online at http://compassionknits.blogspot.com/


* 1/2 ball of Lion Brand Cottonease Worsted Weight Yarn or other yarn that knits to gauge

* 5 Double Pointed Needles (dpns), U.S. Size 5

* 1 stitch marker

* 1 medium button (with shank, shankless, or barrel)

* 1 darning needle

* 1 sewing needle

* Matching thread or invisible thread


* 6 sts/7rows to 1” in stockinette stitch (worked straight)



On one needle, using the long tail cast on method, cast on 14 stitches;

Work back and forth in garter stitch (knit each row) for 14 rows;


Begin working in the round by picking up stitches from remaining three sides as follows:

Needle 1 (the needle you’ve been working on): knit all stitches;

Needle 2: pick up 7 stitches from one end (picking up only single loops between ridges);

Needle 3: pick up 14 stitches from cast on edge (picking up only single upper edge loop);

Needle 4: pick up 7 stitches as done on Needle 2;

42 stitches total;

Round 1:

Needle 1: purl 1, place marker, purl to end of needle;

Needle 2: purl 2 together, purl to end of needle;

Needle 3: purl all stitches;

Needle 4: purl to last 2 stitches, purl 2 together;

Needles 1 & 3: 14 stitches each, Needles 2 & 4, 6 stitches each; Total stitches: 40;

Round 2:

Knit all stitches in the round, slipping marker.

Note: Marker is placed one stitch in from beginning of round so it does not fall off);

Repeat round 2 until piece measures 3 ½ inches from beginning of stockinette stitch row;

Next round:

Needle 1: purl 1, remove marker, purl to end of needle;

Needle 2: bind off all stitches knitwise;

Needle 3: bind off all stitches knitwise;

Needle 4: bind off all stitches knitwise;

14 stitches remain all on needle 1;


You will work back and forth in garter stitch rows as follows:

Row 1: knit all stitches;

Repeat row 1 until flap measures 3 inches, ending by knitting a right side row;

Buttonhole Row (wrong side):

Bind off central 2 stitches for button using your favorite method or as follows:

Knit 8 stitches then:

Step1 :

Insert your left needle into 2nd stitch from end of right needle front to back as if to knit.

Take the stitch and bring it over the first stitch on the right needle and drop it off the needle (one stitch bound off);

Step 2:

Knit 1 stitch then repeat step 1;

Step 3:

Knit remaining 5 stitches;

Next Row:

(right side):

Knit 6 stitches, cast on 2 stitches using the simple cast on method, knit 6 stitches;

final buttonhole row:

Knit 6 stitches, knit the next 2 stitches through the back loops (to twist them) then knit remaining 6 stitches;

Final flap row (right side):

Knit all stitches;

Bind off row :

Bind off all stitches knitwise;


Using sewing thread and sewing needle, sew on button 1 ½ inches from the top edge, horizontally centering button;

Weave in all ends.

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