Sissy Vest Knitting Pattern

Sissy Vest Knitting Pattern

Sissy Vest is knitted with dropped yarnovers, which are in fact slipped stitches. It derives its name from those many “s” in slipped stitches”.The vest is knitted in two pieces from the middle, with a godet in the middle of the backside. First the part for the right half of your body is knitted, then the godet and afterwards the left half.

about 46 to 54, XL to XXXL


190 g Evilla or Kauni 8/2 (I needed 180 grams), alternatively 2 “Zauberbälle” à 100 g or a wool with a length of about 800 metres.
Needles 5 and 7 millimetres (7 millimetres for casting on), at least 80 cm;
5 markers that can be opened, e.g. paper clips

13 stitches und 32 rows = 10 x 10 centimetres (Main Pattern)

Edge pattern:
Always k first and last 4 sts.

Main pattern:
(always repeat these 6 rows)
R1 : k
R2 : p
R3 : k
R4 : k
R5 : k (yo between the sts named afterwards)
R6 :3 more rows k.

Start Main Pattern after these 4 rows. If you intend to knit buttonholes, do this in the first row of the main pattern. Do it like this: after stitch 150 *1yo, ssk, k13* (2 times), 1yo, ssk. If you intend to knit more than 3 buttonholes, continue from * to * until you have the number of buttonholes desired.

Remember the edge pattern when knitting row 2 and the following of the main pattern.

In row 5 you start knitting the yarnovers for the dropped stitches.
1 edge stitch *yo, k* (75 times) until the first marker, k74 until the 3rd marker, *yo, k* (75 times).

Place marker 4 and 5 as a help for counting. Knit the Main Pattern 15 times totally, at the same time decreasing for the sleeve opening after 9 times of Main Pattern. The decrasing number of yarnovers and dropped stitches will shape your vest. At the same time the number of “only” knit stiches withouth yarnovers will increase in the middle. The yarnovers decrease to the sides. Do this as follows:
2nd Main Pattern 70 yo, [edge stitch, *yo,k* (70 times), k84,*yo, k* (70 times)], 3rd MP 65 yo, 4th MP 61 yo, 5th MP 57 yo, 6th MP 53 yo, 7th MP 50 yo, 8th MP 47 yo, 9th MP 44 yo (sleeve opening!!!), 10th MP 42 yo, 11th MP 40 yo, 12th MP 38 yo, 13th MP 37 yo, 14th MP 36 yo, 15th MP 35 yo

After knitting the Main Pattern 9 times loosely bind of the middle 45 sts (k90, bind off 45 sts, k90). Continue knitting the front part. For the decrease on the sleeve opening side, ssk in every right side row and k2tog in every wrong side row until 60 sts are left. If you have a coloured yarn, change to the back side after 12 repeats of Main Pattern to make sure the colour change will fit nicely. Break thread and continue on the back side. For the sleeve opening on this side, ssk in the wrong side rows and k2tog in the right side rows until 60 sts are left.

Depending on the colour change in your yarn, continue with front side after 12 times Main Pattern or finish the back side first. After 15 times Main Pattern on the front side, continue with one row k and one row p, and one row k on the back side. Then bind off loosely the remaining 60 stitches with a 3 needle bind off.

Godet between the back pieces:

Start knitting to the other side of the middle, which is the 1st row of what you knitted so far. 102 stitches to the left from your right edge (and 11 sts from your middle marker) pick up 3 sts to the left. Turn. K3. Turn. 1 edge stitch, yo, k, yo, k, yo, pick up 3 sts to the left. Turn. K 6, dropping the yarnovers. Continue like this, increasing 3 stitches on each right side row (to the left) and dropping the yarnovers on each wrongs side row until you have 27 sts on your needle. Then decrase the number of sts in your “active” row by only knitting 24 sts (plus yarnovers) in the next right side row and so on, until there are 3 knitted stitches left to the middle/shoulder of the vest.

With the 7 mm needle, do 123 sts with the knitted cast on. Continues with the 5 millimetre needle, k123 (k123tbl if you did that on the other side), k27 (or k 27 tbl) of
the godet, pick up 75 sts of the backside middle. Now continue to knit the left part of the body vice versa to the right part of the body. Knit 4 rows, then start Main Pattern. Don’t knit buttonholes 😉

Edging of the sleeve opening:
Pick up 95 sts and close to the round.
R1 : k
R2 : p
R3 : k
R4 : p
R5 : bind off loosely

Weave in ends, block damp vest to desired size and let it dry while blocking.

About the Designer:
Brigitte creates beautiful wool knitting patterns and publishes her blog in both German and English. Visit her website at

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