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What’s In A Name?

Knitters are creative people and yarn shop owners are no exception. When naming their shops, owners draw from a bag of word puns, rhymes, and their imagination . Nothing puts a smile on our face like a clever shop name. Yes, here at The Daily Knitter we are easily amused.

There are plenty of words that rhyme with knit and plenty of store names in this category. Names such as Knit Happens, Knit Pick, Knit Wits, Knitty Gritty, Putting on the Knitz, and Knit Nacks illustrate a store owner with a sense of humor.

How about creating a new word? Knitterly, ImagiKnit, and Knitche may not be listed in any dictionary, but are clever shop names that are easily remembered.

There are also the puns on stitch names. String of Purls, Black Purl, and Cultured Purl have all been used as yarn shop names.

Finally, the sheep itself yields many clever shop names. The Shivering Sheep, The Naked Sheep, Have Ewe Any Wool, Knitting on the Lamb, Sheep to Shawl, and Ewe-Nique Knits pay tribute to our sheared animal friends.

Be sure to visit the Yarn Shop Directory to find your local yarn shops, cleverly named or not.

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