Knitting Increases: Yarn Over

Knitting Increases: Yarn Over

Hey Knitters,

Here is another way to increase a stitch in a knitted garment—it is called the yarn over (yo) increase. This increase is usually knitted in lace patterns such as doilies or shawls to give that open space or a decorative stitch pattern.

To start a yarn over bring the yarn over to the opposite side of the garment you are knitting. In other words, simply bring the yarn over from the back of your work to the front. The next step is to knit as usual until you need to create another yarn.

This method increases the stitch number by one and foams a large hole or holes in the fabric, depending on the number of increases the pattern calls for. However, if you are knitting a lace garment, it is important to note that the technique will also decrease in the same row to create a lace pattern.

Provided below is an online video tutorial on How to Knit a Simple Lace Stitch check it out.

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